Campaign for a More Scenic Houston

Scenic Houston has launched its Campaign for a More Scenic Houston to support its new strategic plan. Campaign proceeds will fund specific new initiatives to 1) support optimal Houston streetscape planning through wide endorsement and adoption of Scenic Houston’s Streetscape Resource Guide, 2) provide assessment and action plans for improving the current conditions of the Hobby and […]

Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide Published

Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide

Scenic Houston has conducted an inventory and analysis of all public regulations that impact the visual aspects of Houston’s streets and public spaces. Utilizing this information as well as reference data on best practices in other U.S. cities, Scenic Houston has developed the Scenic Houston Streetscape Resouce Guide, a practical tool for all stakeholders interested […]

Jersey Village says no to digital billboards

Jersey Village has turned down a Clear Channel proposal to convert static billboards to digital. Scenic Texas met with city leaders earlier this year to review the issues associated with digital billboard conversions. To learn more, read the full story here:

2013 Scenic Houston Dinner Honors John W. Johnson and H-E-B

Thank you to all who attended the 2013 Scenic Houston Annual Dinner honoring 2013 Scenic Visionary: John W. Johnson and Scenic Initiative Award recipient, H-E-B. The 2013 Annual Dinner and presentation of Scenic Houston’s 2013 Scenic Visionary and Scenic Initiative Award was held on Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 at the Houston Country Club. This year’s event was the most successful to date. Proceeds […]

Editorial on the Negative Impact of “Rolling Billboards”

Read this Houston Chronicle article from Scenic Houston Board Member, Ed Wulfe, on why signs on Metro buses would negatively impact Houston’s image.

Scenic Houston Launches Ambitious Streetscape Project

Scenic Houston’s Streetscape Project will inventory of all public regulations impacting the visual aspects of Houston streetscapes, assess and endorse best practices, and ultimately demonstrate how development in Houston can improve when Scenic Houston’s recommendations are adopted.