New video exposes industry tactics to install digital billboards

A new video looks at the efforts of the billboard industry to convert static billboards near Seattle into new digital signs that change advertisements every 6 or 8 seconds.  The segment, produced by veteran videographer Ossian Or, can be viewed HERE The tactics represent a desire by the industry to infiltrate an area that has […]

Scenic America calls for action to save Scenic Byways program

Scenic Byways photo

A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would completely eliminate the National Scenic Byways Program and Scenic America needs our help in opposing this legislation. The program preserves the beauty of scenic corridors, helps protect community character and provides economic opportunities in tourism and recreation. Act Now!

Seven illegal billboards forced down in Houston

The City of Houston Legal Department has successfully forced down seven billboards that have existed illegally for many years in the Houston Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Soon there will “only” be 96 more illegal billboards for the City to remove!

New study shows billboards hurt nearby property values

photo of beyond aesthetics research report cover

Scenic America has released a new study shows that billboards negatively affect the values of neighboring properties. The study also found that cities with strict billboard controls are experiencing greater economic prosperity than those with controls that are less strict.

Scenic Houston chooses a new logo

In an effort to improve brand coordination between Scenic Houston and its affiliate national organization, Scenic America, the Scenic Houston board of directors elected to adopt a new logo yesterday.