Scenic City Certification

The Mission of the Scenic City Certification Program is to support and recognize municipalities that implement high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces, with the long-term goal of improving the image of all Texas cities.  Scenic Houston administers this program, which is a project of Scenic Texas, the Texas Municipal League and other program partners.
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The Streetscape Project

The Streetscape Project is focused on improving the overall visual appearance of Houston’s streetscapes.

Scenic Houston has conducted an inventory and analysis of all public regulations that impact the visual aspects of Houston’s streets and public spaces. Utilizing this information as well as reference data on best practices in other U.S. cities, Scenic Houston will develop a unique streetscape resource guide, a practical tool for all stakeholders interested in how Houston streets can be constructed and redeveloped to build healthier, more attractive neighborhoods and foster economic growth.
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Strengthening Houston’s Sign Regulations

Scenic Houston is developing recommendations aimed at strengthening the City of Houston Sign Ordinance relating to both on-premises business signs and off-premises signs (billboards).

Annual Scenic Visionary Awards

Each year Scenic Houston celebrates the individuals and organizations who are working to stop visual blight and improve the appearance of Houston’s streetscapes. Enhancing the aesthetic, recreational, and natural aspects of Houston creates a livable city that promotes prosperity and growth.
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