Scenic City Certification Program

Created in collaboration with Scenic Texas and 11 partner organizations, the Scenic City Certification Program, administered by Scenic Houston, assesses Texas cities’ scenic infrastructure standards for public roadways and public spaces.  Cities apply to the program for an objective review of specific, existing infrastructure ordinances, evaluated against the Scenic City model.   Assessment is points-based, with every applicant receiving a detailed, scored evaluation, which cities in turn use as a roadmap for future planning and development.   The program rewards cities with strong scenic standards and incentivizes other cities to adopt standards to meet certification levels – a “rising tide raises all ships” model.  This program benefits citizens of all Texas cities by promoting and incentivizing attainment of high standards for public roadways and public spaces, which in turn directly impacts quality of life, economic development and future growth.   To date, 14 Houston area cities have participated in the program and seven have attained Scenic City Certification status at varying levels:  Beaumont, El Campo, Friendswood, Houston, Magnolia, Missouri City, Nassau Bay, Pearland, Richmond, Seabrook, Sealy, Sugar Land, Webster and West University Place.  Scenic Houston has established a public education and outreach objective to encourage broad Program participation from cities in the greater Houston CMSA, with the goal that 20 can achieve certification status by 2018.  Visit for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn more about sponsoring the Scenic City Certification Program by reviewing the Scenic City Sponsorship Benefits.