Streetscape Resource Guide

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Great cities begin with great streets.

Scenic Houston recognizes that thoughtful planning and development can help create great neighborhoods and commercial areas. The goal of the Streetscape Resource Guide is to support vibrant, prosperous and stable communities by enhancing the visual character and pedestrian experience of Houston’s streets and public spaces.

Understanding that any stakeholder interested in Houston streetscape planning and development could benefit from a definitive resource guide, Scenic Houston has developed the Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide.  The Streetscape Resource Guide  is a practical, photo-rich companion to Houston’s public regulations. It is a tool for use by all stakeholders interested in how Houston streets can be constructed, using current standards,  to build healthier, more attractive neighborhoods and foster economic growth.

The downloadable 2015 Streetscape Guide Checklist  organizes the specific guidance found in the Streetscape Resource Guide for quick project evaluation.

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Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide v.01 Download as a PDF


The Streetscape Resource Guide’s accompanying Design Checklist has been completed for use and is now available.

Streetscape Resource Guide Checklist Download as a PDF

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