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Capturing the can-do spirit of Houston: The East River Project receives the 2024 Scenic Star Award

The Scenic Star Award recognizes individuals, organizations, and projects transforming Houston and elevating the spaces where we live, work and play. This year we are honored to celebrate the work, vision and design of East River Houston designed and developed by Midway

Located at the corner of Clinton Drive in the Houston’s Historic Fifth Ward and expanding 60 blocks along the Buffalo Bayou, the story of East River begins decades ago on the shores of what was once called Buffalo River, where Houston was founded. By the turn of the 20th century, the city grew  westward, and the present-day East River site became home to the Merchants and Planters Oil Company, owned by William Marsh Rice, founder of Rice Institute. In the 1920s, Brown & Root Engineering and Construction Company was making its mark as a pioneering general contracting company, building the first offshore oil rigs, NASA Mission Control, ships and tanks to win World War II, and even the well-known Eighth Wonder of the World: the Astrodome.


Formed in 1866, the Historic Fifth Ward was created from portions of the First and Second Wards as well as land further north of Buffalo Bayou. Early on, The Fifth Ward was coined “The Nickel,” creating a sense of community among its residents. In collaboration with the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation (FWCRC), East River now serves as a new gateway enriching the lives of an already deeply historic and proud community.


Today, East River Houston is the largest mixed-use development in Houston. Spanning over 150 acres and just minutes from downtown, East River channels Houston’s can-do spirit into a mixed-use development built for inventors, builders, creators, and connectors.

 Scenic Houston was proud to recognize the East River Project as our 2024 Scenic Star on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Guests were able to learn more about this exciting development and participate in a private sunset tour of the project. “We are thrilled to receive the 2024 Scenic Star Award,” said David Hightower of Midway

Click here for photos of this event. A special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Cadence Bank for making the event possible as well as our Scenic Advocates, Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLPBGE, Inc.Chapman Design, IncWynnwood GroupCole Klein Builders, EDI, East Aldine Management DistrictEast End DistrictMARS, and Masterson Advisors LLC for making this special night possible.

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