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Scenic Houston educates stakeholders on best scenic practices to beautify Houston. 


The Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide (SRG) is an illustrated guide for successful streetscape planning based on current streetscape development standards in the Houston region and best practices around the world. The SRG supports preserving functional, well-designed streetscapes that enhance the livability and quality of life for our city. There is no other resource available with such detailed illustrations and easy-to-follow guides.


The purpose of our SRG 3.0

The SRG empowers planners, engineers, landscape architects, neighborhoods, leaders and residents with the tools and guidelines for ensuring optimal streetscape design and building spaces that promote a better quality of life. It does this through:

SUPPORTING optimal planning, design, and construction;
CONSIDERING all users during all development phases;
ILLUSTRATING enhanced, cost-effective design standards;
DEPICTING the unintended consequences of poor planning; and
ENCOURAGING continued growth and economic development.

The benefits of our SRG 3.0

Stakeholders like city officials, design professionals, developers, management districts, neighborhood groups, and others interested in thoughtful streetscapes will be able to:

LEARN sound principles and guidelines that govern streetscape development;
ACCESS recommendations for improvements to current Right-of-Way (ROW) design standards;
RECOMMEND cross-section sketches of various ROW widths;
SEE clear illustrated examples of results when the recommended enhancements are in place; and
UTILIZE the information and illustrations to advocate for the best street improvements possible.

Collaborate to beautify Houston

Thank you to TxDOT, City of Houston, Harris County, Metro, and the following sponsors and contributors who helped to protect and enhance the livability and beautification of Houston. Join the charge to beautify Houston! Click here to book a presentation of our SRG 3.0.

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