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It’s a New Day: Scenic Houston Welcomes Ashley Grigsby as Board Chair in 2024.

For more than 50 years, Scenic Houston has served as the only organization dedicated to championing the livability and visual quality of public spaces in our community. We believe everyone has the right to live in a community surrounded by beautiful, thoughtfully planned public spaces and are committed to realizing this vision.

During our history, we have had an impressive lineage of leaders who shared our mission and vision to preserve and protect Houston’s public spaces and visual environment. In 2024, we welcome Ashley Grigsby of Transwestern as our new Board Chair.

Ashley served as First Vice Chair under the leadership of Bill Odle. During her years of service on the Board, she worked with the SRG committee to create the original Street Resource Guide (SRG) as well as its updated versions. Through the years she helped to develop a tangible SRG that has impacted the development and the growth of Houston.

When asked why her new role as Chair of Scenic Houston is so important, Ashley stated, “I am looking forward to continuing the legacy of so many amazing Houstonians before me preserving and enhancing the visual character of Houston for all communities within the Greater Houston MSA.” As she steps into this new role, Ashley aims to stay in front of elected officials, making sure that they understand that Scenic Houston is relevant and are advocating for the citizens of Houston. “One seemingly immaterial change to legislation can have a major impact on the future of Houston’s streets, thoroughfares and freeways,” says Ashley.

In addition to welcoming Ashley, we also want to show gratitude to Bill Odle or TBG Partners who served as Scenic Houston Char from 2022-2023. Bill has been an invaluable member of our Board and during his tenure as Chair, he helped to develop a four-year strategic plan and finalize our SRG 3.0. These are huge accomplishments as he had to diligently work to move all areas of the Scenic Houston mission forward equally at the same time.

When asked what advice he would like to give to Ashley as she assumes her new leadership position, Bill replied, “Lean into our new strategic plan and work to hold the board and staff accountable for moving the plan forward.” He will still be active in our community and supports Scenic Houston as we continue to position ourselves as a partner with the city in all areas of livability and the visual quality of public spaces in our community.

Without a doubt, Bill has accomplished a great deal under his service as Chair and he leaves his legacy in very capable hands. We look forward to the next chapter of Scenic Houston under Ashley Grigsby’s leadership.

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