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Our Vision for What’s Next For Houston

Houstonians welcomed a new Mayor, a new Controller and six new Council Members to City Hall earlier this year and it’s already been a whirlwind of energy and activity. We have appreciated weekly visits with City Council members and the opportunity to educate and engage with many new faces on the highlights of our work and mission. As we champion the livability and visual quality of the public spaces in our community, we are excited and inspired to see what lies ahead and we offer the following wish list for our newly elected and seasoned leaders . . .


Elevating Houston’s First Impression: We believe the gateways to our City and region must be free of visual clutter and we are committed in advocating against digital billboards, illegal bandit signs, and in asking for more green spaces and public spaces free of blight. It is important for Houstonians and visitors to experience the natural beauty of our city and skyline.

Transforming Community Spaces: Studies have proven that green and open community spaces directly improve mental health and wellness in countless citizens. It is important that the city continues to make improvements to spaces that not only stimulate the economic development of the city, but also highlights Houston’s rich diversity and cultures. Scenic Houston is working on a program to better assist more vulnerable communities in Houston.

Funding Trees & Public Art: Scenic Houston fully promotes programs like the Texas Department of Transportation’s Green Ribbon Program which provides funding for trees, public art, and other visual enhancements. To ensure our great city continues to flourish and grow, our community needs access to greenspaces that promote healthy lifestyles and community involvement.

Preserving Houston’s Skyline: Scenic Houston supports the continuation of the 1965 Highway Beautification Act which helps to defend Houston from billboard proliferation and preserves Houston’s natural beauty. We ask the city administration to consider the dangers of billboard proliferation including the harm to our beautiful night skies.


Create Safer Roads for Houston: Digital kiosks, LED billboards, and attention-grabbing devices are a distraction for drivers. They also create unsafe streets and byways. Scenic Houston supports bills such as HB 3823 and SB 190 which protect drivers and pedestrians from cluttered roadways.


Scenic Houston will continue to collaborate with city officials and other organizations to preserve and protect the character of public spaces across Houston, educate stakeholders, advocate for high-quality scenic policies, and enhance scenic standards in regional cities and communities, while celebrating scenic champions. We are excited to see what is next for Houston

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