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Scenic Houston advocates for scenic streetscapes and highways. We work to beautify Houston!

Our Advocacy Impact in Numbers:


Houston’s billboard inventory was reduced from 10,000+ in the 1980’s to only 1,309 today.

1 million

Tree plantings along our streets and highways grew from 18,868 in 1999 to over 1 million today.


Over 820 acres in Houston have been converted from grey to green giving residents and travelers much needed greenspaces.


There are currently no LED billboards or NEW billboards are permitted in the City of Houston.


Scenic Houston strives to advocate for streetscapes and public spaces to local, state and federal officials whose districts cover the Greater Houston region. Our goal is to enhance and preserve our area. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Billboards & Signage

Scenic Houston provides counsel and advice for adhering to the Sign Code and protecting citizens from additional sign blight.


Illegal Bandit Signs

Scenic Houston works with city officials to advocate for changes in bandit sign regulations and prevention methods. 


Protecting the Public ROW

Scenic Houston is working to protect the beauty of Houston by stopping the removal or trees and vegetation. 

airport corridor.jpeg

Airport Corridor Sign Code

Scenic Houston worked closely the City of Houston to write and pass an Airport Corridor District Ordinance 

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