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Who We Are.

Scenic Houston is the only organization dedicated to championing the livability and visual quality of public spaces in growing and diverse community. Through its mission-driven initiatives, Scenic Houston collaborates with city officials and other organizations to preserve and protect the character of public spaces across Houston, educates stakeholders, advocates for high-quality scenic policies, and enhances scenic standards in regional cities and communities, while celebrating scenic champions.


Scenic Houston believes everyone has the right to live in a community surrounded by beautiful, thoughtfully planned public spaces and is committed to realizing this vision.

What We Do.

Scenic Houston partners with other organizations on projects that improve Houston and surrounding areas.

Scenic Houston's Streetscapes Resource Guide (SRG) is an invaluable resource for planning and development.

Scenic Houston is committed to advocating for policy changes that protect the scenic beauty of communities.

Scenic Houston provides resources so community members can enhance their neighborhoods and visual environments.

Scenic Houston recognizes individuals, groups, and organizations that are dedicated to preserving Houston streetscapes.


The Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide (SRG) is an illustrated guide for successful streetscape planning based on current streetscape development standards in the Houston region and best practices around the world.


The SRG supports preserving functional, well-designed streetscapes that enhance the livability and quality of life in our city. There is no other resource available with such detailed illustrations and easy-to-follow guides.

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